Honestly fuck homecoming. Freshman should be able to look forward to this. Homecoming is supposed to be something that is fun to think about and talk about, but instead it just causes stress, and worrying. You don’t have a date? You’re ugly. You don’t know who you’re getting ready with? You’re a loser. A girl should just be able to look pretty and feel pretty regardless of who she is with. It seems as though many people can easily find a group of friends to get ready with? But for others it is a struggle, and asking someone to hangout for homecoming is a worst nightmare. Homecoming is just overrated and used to be a fun way to show school spirit, but now it has turned into something that lowers self-esteem. Honestly, it isn’t fun to ask 472947294 people to get ready together for homecoming, and have not one person reply. To those who are stressing about homecoming, SAME.